Scam Alert!

Internet Fraud, Classifieds Scams, Abuse and Suspicious Replies are world wide issues that have become widespread in targeting sellers everywhere specially on the Internet. Often this involves buyers from Nigeria, Africa, Holland and other countries.

Check any other websites who have classifieds, if they don’t have a warning, they should have!

The is no worse hit than any other popular websites. However, we are determined to fight back making it harder for the fraudster by keeping our users fully informed.

We also have the advantage of being a “local” site. You can advertise to the world through the, but the nature of the subject means that the chances are that both buyer and seller will be from the same area, with the transaction carried out face to face (recommended). Recently, we have added Phone number to the contact form and made it mandatory. Most scammers avoid giving their phone numbers.

Just remember the following, use common sense and enjoy using the classifieds:

  • For your protection, your Email address is hidden on the Classifieds, unless posted in the body of your advert.
  • We block offenders who we have in our possible scammers database. If you receive any suspicious looking email, please forward the whole e-mail to:

    To view current list of possible scammers, click here

  • If we consider that the reply is genuine, we will tell you, if it is a scam, we will add them to the list & let them know that they have been reported.
  • If there is any doubt, we are happy to contact the Email sender on your behalf for further information.
  • The majority of replies are genuine, but if you receive a suspicious reply, please don’t bother to reply which will reveal your Email address.
  • Never send money, even if you have received a check.
  • If you are offered or received a check for over the asking price, most likely it is a scam.
  • Your bank will initially accept the check. Although it will probably clear and allow you to draw money against it, it will eventually bounce leaving you out of pocket.
  • Often the emails are written in broken English, contain misspelled words and are not appropriate for the ad they are responding to.
  • Check e-mail examples that some of our users have received.
  • Get everything in writing, including all contact information and details of your agreement. We recommend taking phone number and having conversation on the phone or in person before making a final deal.
  • Don’t be pressured into a quick sale and delivery of any item FOR ANY REASON, especially if the funds for payment are not in possession.
  • The best protection is to use common sense – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never refund an amount from a payment made in this manner for any reason!

Smart ways to avoid scam

Have you heard of an Escrow service? If you haven’t, here is an explanation of Escrow services.

An escrow service offers you the protection you need from disagreements on receipt of product or services, misunderstandings, and all sorts of other issues that come up in the online marketplace.

Essentially, you are hiring a licensed and bonded 3rd party to hold the funds until all parties are satisfied with the transaction, at which point the buyer can order the release of his money to the seller. It provides protection for both Buyer and Seller.

There are number of online Escrow services available. Be careful while choosing an Escrow service. The fake Escrow service providers are on the rise. Check for “Fake Escrow sites” on to find list of fake Escrow services. Try to stay away from escrow sites especially ones that a seller recommends. is known to be a genuine escrow site since other reputed sites like eBay uses its service.

Our goal is to keep scammers away from our site. We believe, together with your help, we can achieve this goal.